Steps to Polished Concrete

How to Polish Concrete

What are the steps involved in polished concrete floors? The first step which is the most important is floor preparation. Diamond tooling are used to grind away the surface of the concrete any short cuts taken here will show up later on into the process and a great deal of time will be lost having to fix them. The next step involves filling all the little pit holes throughout the slab, this is an important step to the overall look of the finished floor. From here the concrete needs to be densified, once the floors been sprayed with hardener it will penetrate the concrete which will harden and dust proof the surface. Final stages of polished concrete will see the grinding machines swap over to Resin Pads to start the polishing, beginning at 100 grit and ending on either 800, 1500, 3000 grit the polishing is done and all that’s left it to seal the concrete and buff it to a high end shine