Polished Concrete Displayed In Advertising

To start off with I want to put a few misconceptions to rest when it comes to polished concrete used in advertising.

Every company wants to put their best foot forward when it comes to displaying what they have to offer, but it can lead you to thinking that’s possible with any concrete floor and more often than not that will not be the case. There are many variables when it comes to the type of finish you will get for your floor, most concrete floors were not poured to then be grinded.

To achieve the polished look displayed in most advertising, with the big stones showing through and the and extra shinny finish this starts with the pouring of the slab. Many people are going for the polished concrete look nowadays and have this in mind when building their new home, so they speak with professionals on how to achieve this.

Usually larger stones are added to the concrete and the mix is of a higher standard. When it comes time to pour the slab more care is taken with getting the slab even and flat in preparation for grinding. Needless to say most slabs were not poured to this standard, and if you live in an older home and have just ripped up the carpet or lino this is probably the case for you. But this is not to say you will not get a really nice finish to your floor, this is more about managing your expectations.